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Window Cleaning


Walking into a facility with dirty windows can cause the business to immediately look unprofessional, giving your business a poor public image.  Having sparkling clean windows, will not only give your visitors the right impression of your company the moment they arrive, but clean windows also increase the amount of light that can come into a building from the outside. If you have something on display, you want to make sure your windows are squeaky clean in order to best show off your products.

We have multiple options to meet your needs. We can provide a one-time cleaning visit or we can provide you with a window cleaning maintenance package to keep your windows looking clean and professional all the time.

Paying attention to details, is the key to making sure your window care is done right!

APS window cleaning packages include a complete range of options to meet your needs:

  • One-time or routine packages available

  • Outdoor only window care, indoor only window care or a complete in/out option

  • Timely scheduling and on-time arrival

  • Track and seal cleaning

  • Screen cleaning for commercial facilities with screens on the windows

Combine your window cleaning services with other services we provide to help meet your needs:


We guaranty a spotless and streak-free finish that will give your business the appearance you are looking for!

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