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Hard Floor Cleaning

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We offer all kinds of floor cleaning. Some of the types of floor cleaning we offer are:

  • Strip and Wax

  • Lament Cleaning

  • Cement Cleaning

  • Tile Cleaning

  • Vinyl Floor Cleaning

We use state of the art equipment and solutions to restore your commercial floor back to a new looking state. We use a low moisture cleaning process to remove dirt and grime build up. Floor care can be affordable and will improve the overall look of your business, while also preserving the life of your floor.

Restaurant Floor Cleaning

You want your restaurant to look especially clean, so your guest will feel comfortable eating at your establishment. Let us help with your floor. Restaurant floors can build up dirt and grim from the foot traffic and grease build up. Normal mopping is not enough over time. Call us and we can give you a free estimate to get your floor looking like new again. You may be surprised to find out the maintaining a fresh new looking floor doesn't have to cost you as much as you may think!

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Combine your hard floor cleaning services with other services we provide to help meet your needs:

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